Heavy Duty All Welded Aluminum Boats
28-Jan-23 20:35

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Last Updated: 04-Oct-22 14:32

   24' Walk thru cabin

22' Cuddy cab With offshore drive

     22' walk thru Cabin  Available in all boat sizes

  Cuddy, Custom Cabin and Full cabin Boats

Minnie Z Miniature Cuddy Cabin Boat

26' 9' beam Camp Boat

22' Cuddy cab with offshore drive

  19' Cuddy cab with Removable Windshields

         25' Cuddy Cab

              24' full cabin (Sandy's Boat)

22' Cuddy Cab with lower Cuddy forward Part

24' custom Cabin 225 Suzuki

22' deep Vee Custom Cabin

24' Custom cabin

22' Cuddy cab

20' Camp Hauler

22' Cuddy Top View

22' cabin with extended roof

23' Cuddy Cab

22' Cuddy Cab with 250 Suzuki SS
23' deep  vee Cuddy Cab Low profile cabin

23 Cuddy cab with offshore drive

  22' Cuddy cabin with offshore Drive