Heavy Duty All Welded Aluminum Boats
08-Dec-22 20:27

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Last Updated: 02-Mar-18 11:57
Zag Fab uses only 5083 5086 Alloy in all its boats .This is the highest grade of  aluminum for salt water
applications.  Some builders use 5052 alloy which is a fresh water grade and doesn't have the corrosion
resistance  that 5083 or 5086 have. The base cost for 5052 material is  one dollar a pound  cheaper.

    Before waste a 22' boat uses around 2500 pounds That is $2500.00 cheaper on just a 22' boat.
Looking at 5086 and 5052 side by side the 5052 is much shinier. If a boat looks really shiny It is most likely 5052. If you are in salt water make sure you know the alloy because it does make a difference.
Especially if you leave the boat in the water for long periods.

 We also have a product that we apply that keeps the aluminum looking new. Reduces oxidation
and scum lines on the waterline